What Parents are Saying


by Desiree P


"As first time parents we were very and thorough in our school search. We really wanted to find the right balance of education and loving environment and from the moment we toured Montessori by the Sea we knew we found what we were looking for!

Our son has been at Montessori By the Sea for the past 4 months and he couldn't be happier. He is blossoming and is excited to attend school every day. Miss Cindy and her assistants love their jobs and it shows with the way that they interact and genuinely care about their students.
This place is a total gem and I would recommend it to anyone."

by John C.


"We had our daughter at Montessori by the Sea for two years.  We are very happy with the service and the results.  The staff is the nicest and we are thrilled with the developmental progress our daughter has made.."

by Tara R.


"My daughter has been a student of Miss Cindy's for a year and we are thrilled at the level of care she receives. Miss Cindy takes such pride in her work and truly loves her kids, we feel like a family and it is a very safe environment. The kids have months of themed learning, like sea creatures or bugs/insects, and have a true Montessori experience. They make banana bread, do work and learn how to respect themselves and others.  We are so lucky to be here and the other teachers Miss Camion and Miss Andrea are a loving part of our family, too!"

by Alejandra B.


"Our son attended Miss Cindy's from 1.5 to 3.5 years. He didn't speak a word of English and had little 'experience' socializing with other kids. He thrived physically, emotionally, and academically and we all made life-time friends... Miss Cindy and her two assistants are wonderful. Incredibly nurturing, open, honest, flexible, and sweet. Kids are fed a very healthy menu and snacks. Special events for moms, dads, and grandparents take place often. Every 4-6 weeks, Miss Cindy organizes Saturday Movie Nights  for Children (a.k.a.:  Parent's Night Out!). Our son looks forward to this outing. He loves reconnecting with Miss Cindy and with his old buddies.  I can't say enough good things about Montessori By the Sea. We LOVE this place and their amazing staff!"


by Christie G.


"We have our little boy there and he absolutely loves Miss Cindy and we couldn't be happier. We were referred by another couple and I saw the changes in their child, I knew I had to check the daycare out. We also referred someone who is so excited after some very bad experiences with other daycare. You can't go wrong with her, her demeanor, experience, gentle touch and loving heart are truly inspirational and it shows in her kids that attend."

"Wonderful Toddler Program"

by Rebecca M


"Both my sons went to Cindy Lang's Montessori By The Sea (previously Casa Dei Montessori) starting at 18 months until they were just about 3. We plan to send our baby girl just as soon as she is 18 months as well. We have been consistently happy with the program and consider ourselves very lucky to have found Cindy. Besides being very professional and devoted to her day care, Cindy is EVERYTHING you could hope for in an educator/care taker for this age group. She has a very gentle touch but incredibly, she is able to teach the kids to be independent on the one hand but also mindful and considerate of their surroundings (people and things). Most of all she manages to keep such a calm and pleasant atmosphere, that it really gets to the kids. With Cindy are two part time assistants that also contribute to the very calm and pleasant atmosphere. I also always really appreciated her reasonable take on Montessori which seems to be based both on her experience (20 years?) and on a really observent personality. She really observes and learns your kid to be able to offer them the right activity at the right time. In terms of safety we were always happy and 100% comfortable with how she runs the program and maintains the space; for us this was a big deal.Cindy is very approachable, her space is age appropriate and her knowledge of this age group is extensive. Cindy toilet trained our boys and was helpful with many other milestones. I highly recommend her program."

"Such a loving place!"

by Fleur H.


"Both my children have been staying at Montessori By The Sea. They absolutely loved it and blossomed in this environment.  Miss Cindy is so loving and patient with "her" kids. I have walked in at many different times of the day over the last 4 years (2 years for my eldest, 2 more for my youngest) and the children are so well taken care of.  Cindy serves breakfast, two snacks, and a hot lunch. My daughters became potty trained very easily at school, just from wanting to do like the bigger kids and with the staff's encouragement.  I have always felt extremely comfortable leaving my children in Miss Cindy's care."