Our Program

Montessori by the Sea is a family childcare based on the Montessori method of teaching. 


Here is what makes us unique:

  • There are only 12 children in the class.
  • We offer a variety of different materials for the children to enjoy
  • Our day is full of learning activities according to the Montessori method of teaching.
  • We include Breakfast, Lunch and two snacks during the day.  Parents may send certain foods if a child has a special diet.
  • Your child does not have to be completely potty trained!  We help the child complete this with positive reinforcement and encouragement. 

Daily Schedule

7:30-9:00  Breakfast and Work Time

9:00-9:15  Clean up

9:15-9:45  Circle Time (calendar, singing and talking time)

9:45-10:30 Work time, Art

10:00-10:45 Morning Snack

10:45-12:15 Outside Play Time

12:15-12:30 Clean up (takes shoes off, wash hands)

12:30-1:00 Lunch

1:00-3:00  Nap time

3:00-3:30  Afternoon Snack

3:30-4:15  Work time

4:15-4:25  Clean up and short circle

4:25-5:30  Outside Play